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Opening Hours
10am - 9.30pm

6255 2355

TOMI SUSHI was first opened in Niigata prefecture in 1954. In more than a half century, there are already 14 branches opened in Japan.

The change of season is quite noticeable in NIIGATA, this climate helps in producing best-known brand rice KOSHIHIKARI and a lot of big-name SAKE. In addition, Niigata also has numerous varieties of marine products.

In such a blessed region, we have been devoted ourselves to serve the best food in every season. We have traditional NIGIRIZUSHI, course meal and all kinds of side dishes. You can taste good SAKE from NIIGATA, too. It's our great pleasure to serve genuine Japanese food to the people in Singapore. So you will be able to enjoy the most delicious food from NIIGATA!