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Give the Gift of Hope with Endowus
5 Nov to 30 Dec 2021

This Christmas season, you can make a difference and support charities that help communities in need.

Drop by Endowus’ Giving Machines, placed at Level 1, Customer Service Counter to purchase a giving card with a $5, $10 or $20 value and make a donation as a gift.

The vending machines are supported by Endowus, in partnership with charity portal and with vending partner Reinvend Solutions Pte Ltd. The machines will dispense a thank you card with information on how your gift will directly benefit the charities..

There are 15 charities you can support.

  1. Aidha
  3. Care Corner Singapore Ltd
  4. Centre For Fathering Limited
  5. Children's Aid Society
  6. Children's Wishing Well
  7. Extra•Ordinary People
  8. Garden City Fund
  9. Make-A-Wish Foundation (Singapore) Limited
  10. New Life Stories Limited
  11. NTUC U Care Fund
  12. Rainbow Centre, Singapore
  13. RSVP- Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers
  14. The Food Bank Singapore Ltd.
  15. Tan Tock Seng Hospital Community Fund

Do note that donation under this programme is channelled through the physical Giving Machine, it is non-tax deductible. Your cash gift is equivalent to the item shown on the card. Should you require a tax receipt, you will have to donate directly to the respective charities with IPC status and where donations are limited to local projects. Please reach out to the relevant charity for more information.